Coming 2018 - 2019

​My debut book "Deceived" is available in audio format! Make sure to check it out if you haven't read the print version already! 


The new book Persevernace will going into audio production soon! I hope to have a blog post update on that soon for you. Also, when book three comes out, I am intending on it coming out together with the audio version.
M.C. Colõn

Future Works

Another project that I have been pondering for the last four or five years is the trilogy for my daughter Sara. I promised to write her a story that would be dedicated to her and I have the start of several ideas for the books.

I am hoping to start the rough draft of this trilogy by January 2020 or perhaps before she graduates high school. I am very excited about this book series, but I do not want to take away from the Athanasian Realm either. When I feel confident that I will be able to balance both series then I will start the second series in a serious manner.

If I hear from you, my fans about wanting to read this series, it will push me to pursue it more quickly though. 

The Athanasian Realm Blog

So I will be keeping up with the blog, and this website far more often than I have been. International moves and keeping up with my writing have not been good bedfellows. That must change though. 

Here is to a better year 2019!

Stay tuned!!

Athanasian Realm Book #3

So, back in April of 2018 I had finished the first third of the 3rd book in the series. It's now January of 2019 and I am halfway through the book. Now you wonder - What have you been doing M.C. Colõn  - Well, I have also rewritten the first half of the book, done some editing and changed parts of the story becuase that's how I write. 

I have also pondered and wondered about what exactly Tsar Lorard of Tenebrosity, his Heir Prince Asurr and the rest of the evil Tenebrosity Realm were doing over there. I also wondered about the people who were living in that Realm under his rule, and came up with some interesting ideas. The second half of this book is coming along quite nicely and I think that you will enjoy it. Now to get it finished.